Behind Our Gods and Monsters Collection: Meet Gods Around the World

Behind Our Gods and Monsters Collection: Meet Gods Around the World

According to the scholar Robert Graves in 1955, “Myth has two main functions, the first is to answer the sort of awkward questions that children ask, such as ‘Who made the world? How will it end? Who was the first man? Where do souls go after death?’…The second function of myth is to justify an existing social system and account for traditional rites and customs.”

When we hear stories about gods, goddesses, and heroes, it takes us to another world that is similar, but more exciting, than our everyday life. These stories explain everything from religion, culture, politics, and emotions. These are concepts that we can relate to and use as a lesson to improve our lives.

Because of the immense value that mythology gives us, it's no wonder why they become the center of our lives, even in the jewelry that we wear. Now Chase The Sun has a sparkling and meaningful collection to showcase both the stories and legacies that mythology plays in our lives.

Here are the gods and monsters that brought this collection of jewelry to life.

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Greek Mythology

Apollo: God of Music

Apollo is one of the most skillful and versatile gods. In fact, he might be the god of many things, including poetry, art, music, archery, medicine, and much more. He is the son of Zeus and was born on the island of Delos with his older sister ARTEMIS (goddess of the hunt).

Apollo is a kouros, which means he is athletic and youthful in appearance. He is also an oracle god in Delphi, which means that he could predict prophecy through the Oracle Pythia.

Apollo is the leader of the Muses, also known as Apollon Musegete, and was the director of their choir because he is the god of poetry and music.

Hermes created the lyre for Apollo, which became the instrument associated with him. 

At the drinking parties in Olympus, Apollo assisted the Muses on his cithara, while the goddesses danced the night away. Both Zeus and Leto were proud of their son, who radiates both grace and beauty.


This bracelet is named after Apollo and is made of matte Green Turquoise, which many cultures believe is a symbol of wisdom and power. The Turquoise’s energy provides health benefits to the head, ears, nose, and throat. It can also help alleviate headaches, balancing issues, and cataracts. 

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Dionysus: God of Grape Harvest

People worshipped Dionysus as the god of the grape harvest and wine drinking. Because of his association with alcohol, he was also connected to parties, ecstasy, and madness.  His primary connection was with wine, and oftentimes, winemakers would offer sacrifices to him to ensure a good crop. 


This Bracelet is named after Dionysus, the Greek God of the grapes and wine. This elegant bracelet contains flower agate, which enhances the energy levels in the wearer to help the wearer remain productive. It also has healing powers to mitigate emotional problems and physical ailment as well as balancing the Chakra.

Echo and Narcissus

Echo falls madly in love with Narcissus and continues to pursue him despite his lack of interest in her. She pines over him until her body withers away, and only her voice remains. 

However, she is not the only one who is doomed. One day, Narcissus stops for a drink at a small pond. When he sees his reflection in the pool, he falls hopelessly in love with himself. Unfortunately, he cannot catch his own reflection and stays by the pond until he starves to death. 


The Echo and Narcissus necklace is designed perfectly to tell the story of these deities. It combines the component of the green earth from the wood with the pale translucence of water.

The necklace contains Anyolite, which is the combination of Ruby and Zoisite. Anyolite reflects joy and passion for life and is known to enhance the wearer's love life.

The labradorite from the necklace contains a mystifying property to open the door to self-discovery. It awakens one's awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities.

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Chloris: Nymph of Flowers

Chloris was taken away by Zephyrus, who transformed her into a flower deity after they were married. Together, they have a son, named Karpos, and she eventually turns Narcissus, Adonis, Crocus, and other gods into flowers.


This bracelet is named after Chloris, The Nymph of Flowers.

This piece of jewelry contains flower agate, which stabilizes the body's energy and provides abundance into one's life. It can help the cluttered mind stay focused and get into the groove of getting work done. 

Russian Mythology

Sirin: God of World Harmony

Sirin is a creature found in Russian mythology that has a head and a chest of a beautiful woman, but the body of an owl. 

Legend claims that when men hear the half-bird half-woman, they forget everything in their life to follow this creature, and ultimately die. People saved themselves from the Sirin by making loud noises to scare the bird off. But as time goes by, people view the Sirin as a harmonized being. It was believed that only happy individuals could see this creature, and she was eventually viewed as a symbol of happiness and eternal joy.



This Sirin Bracelet is made of Black lava stone and Flower Agate. This is an excellent combo because flower agate can enhance one's focus and concentration to get things done. Lava stones, on the other hand, can stabilize the individual's chakra and to improve relaxation and calmness to reduce anxiety. Therefore, it creates harmony and balances to help the wearer live a happy lifestyle.

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Chinese Mythology

Nuwa: Goddess of Desire

In Chinese mythology, Nüwa is the first individual with the ability to create all of humanity. In the beginning, Chinese society was extremely matriarchal, so Nüwa was considered a significant deity. She has saved humanity by fixing a hole in the sky after a great flood. Today, Nüwa is still a popular deity, and women often worship her for divine assistance with fertility and marital issues.

She is usually depicted as a creature with a human face and a long serpentine body, but some people see her as a woman dressed in traditional Chinese clothing.



This delicate bracelet is made from Rose Quartz and was named after the Chinese Goddess Nüwa, known for fertility and happy marriage.

The rose quartz reflects passionate energy for the unconditional love that opens the chakra of the heart. Its primary function is to enhance every aspect of love and appreciation in marriage, family, friends, and much more. It can also help the individual forgive other people, and move on to live a happier life.

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Panlong: Chinese Water Dragon

The Panlong dragon came from the Far East, and it only reveals itself once every 12 years. It prefers to be near water, but is known to dwell in various types of habitats. This is a Chinese dragon that symbolizes auspicious power and strength as well as control over floods, typhoons, and rainfall. 



The Panlong Bracelet is made of Black Onyx and Moss Grass Agate.

Black Onyx destroys negative energy and prevents it from draining the individual's body. It aids in improving emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially during times of stress and grief.

Moss Grass Agate is a healing stone that provides the power to interact with the human organic system and is often used as a talisman to strengthen the warriors. This stone is also known for attracting abundance and wealth. It's excellent for business owners to increase prosperity and expansion.

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Norse Mythology

Loki: God of Mayhem

Loki is a giant and is known as the trickster and god of mayhem. He helped the gods of Asgard when Thor lost his hammer. Thrymr, the giant, had stolen the hammer and took it home with him. He would only return it if he could have Freya's hand in marriage. 

Loki came up with a plan, which entails cross-dressing Thor into a woman like Freya. This fools the giant, so they were able to get the hammer back and punish Thymr.

This jewelry is made from Lava stones, which originates from a volcanic eruption. The larva hardens to create a porous ball with a variety of healing benefits. They bring a sense of relaxation and tranquility to the wearer.

Hindu Gods


Rama is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. He is known for slaying the demon king Ravana. Rama and his wife, Sita, are the perfect picture of purity and marital devotion. In addition to that, the adventures of Rama reflects the importance and rewards of fulfilling one’s duty or dharma. 



The Rama Bracelet is made of Blue Flower Agate, which helps stabilizes the body's energy and manifest abundance to the wearer. The stone also enhances physical and sexual energy as well as improving focus, concentration, and energy to help the individual get their day to day task completed.

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Etruscan God

Turan: Goddess of Love

Turan was a young winged girl that appeared in the bronze mirrors. Sometimes, she is richly robed with jewelry, but other times, she appears nude. She is often paired with her young lover Adonis. She is associated with birds such as the dove and swan and is the symbol of love, fertility, and vitality.



The Turan Bracelet contains rose quartz, which reflects unconditional love to open the heart of the chakra. The quartz is known to enhance all types of love, such as platonic, romantic, self-love, family, and much more. The intense energy of the stone can also instill forgiveness, reconciliation, and empathy. 

The bracelet also has black onyx that can absorb negative energy, and prevent it from harming the individual. This stone aids in improving physical strength and staminal to get through stressful situations.    

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Classical mythology gives us hope and perspective in life. Each story takes us to another world and teaches us valuable lessons that we can use and pass on from generation to generation.

These gods and goddesses serve many roles and even show up in the jewelry that we love and admire. Now Chase The Sun has an ample amount of selections from necklace to bracelets made with stones with powerful healing properties. Each of their collections is named after the deity and made to resemble their stories and legacies.

With so much power and history, it's no wonder why these myths continue to live with us forever.

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