Healing Stones and Their Benefits

Healing Stones and Their Benefits

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to alternate and complementary medicine - especially for lifestyle ailments, where people increasingly want to avoid heavy duty pharmaceutical and chemical products. 

Among the various forms of this branch of medicine, one of the more recently popular trends are healing stones or healing crystals. You might have heard people talking about these different kinds of stones, but there’s a lot of mystiques and misconceptions around what they are and how they work.

Many different types of healing stones and crystals exist, each possessing their own unique healing abilities for your mind, body, and soul. They aid in the flow of positive energy, get rid of negative energy from your body, and bring about an improvement in your physical, mental, and emotional health. The reason so many people are turning to this form of medicine is to helps rive acceptance, reflection, as well as mindfulness. 

While some use healing stones as a part of their spiritual practice of gaining peace, promoting love, and restoring their energy field, others place it on certain parts of their bodies known as ‘chakras,” so as to promote healing. Others wear them within jewelry, like the pieces found at Chase the Sun, bringing their healing properties with them wherever they go. 

Let’s now take a look at what healing stones and crystal therapy are all about, and the different kinds of healing stones that exist, along with their benefits.

What are Healing Stones?

Healing stones or healing crystals belong to the alternative medical technique of crystal healing. This technique makes use of healing crystals and stones for curing ailments and protecting people against diseases. Stones are considered as elements of healing that enable negative and disease-causing energy to leave the body, and healing and positive energy to enter your body. 

Much like the various forms of energy medicine, healing stones, too, utilize the inherent healing force of the body in order to heal and nourish us in numerous ways. Medical researchers and physicians are looking into these healing stones now more than ever due to the attention and popularity they have gained in the last few years. If you do decide to get a healing stone, it’s important to get it from a brand that’s authentic and reputed. Nuwan Stones, for example, has a wide variety of healing stones for you to choose from, based on the kind of effect and healing you require.

We know from physicists that matter is basically energy in a physical form, and healing stones are no different from that. Their inception can be traced back to them coming into being over the years, being subjected to high pressure, which is why these stones have supreme concentrations of energy. In addition to being used in different aspects of technology, these healing stones also help in uplifting your health.

Different Healing Stones and Their Benefits

There are different types of healing stones that are found around the world, and each stone possesses a unique energy that can produce therapeutic effects. Here are some of the various kinds of healing stones and their benefits:

Volcanic Lava Bead

Lava stones have a calming effect on the body. Wearing jewelry with a Volcanic Lava Bead can create a grounding effect on the wearer, reducing symptoms of anxiety. Because of this benefit along with their porous nature, this stone is often used with essential oils. Many lava stone wearers prefer lemon and lavender essential oils because of their ability to reduce stress. 

Blue Flower Agate and Purple Flower Agate

This healing stone was recently discovered from Madagascar and resembles small flowers, hence its name. Its known for correcting and balancing energies within the body, making it the perfect jewelry for someone looking to find their correct life path. Sometimes it can even reveal hidden talents or uncover the wearer’s potential strengths. People who have recently experienced trauma or a tough life experience sometimes rely on Flower Agate to help them move forward and focus on the present and future. Get stuff done with Chase the Sun’s Gods and Monsters: Dionysus Bracelet


Matte Jasper

Experience tranquility and wholeness with jasper, a healing stone that absorbs negative energy and balances yin and yang. With that sense of balance comes a better ability to organize and tackle problems head-on. You’ll experience faster thinking and feel your imagination take wind, transforming your ideas into action. You’ll feel reenergized while wearing Matte Jasper. 

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Blue Onyx and Black Onyx

People feel protected when wearing Onyx, since their senses are sharpened and they feel more aware. Onyx’s defensive properties work against negativity as well, whether it be your own negative thoughts or negative comments from a co-worker. They can even ward off nightmares and fears associated with the dark, which is why people often place Onyx on their nightstand. Wearing Onyx prolongs your strength as you go through demanding physical or mental obstacles in your life, from a big project at work to overcoming an illness. Your stamina and focus will improve, giving you a boost of self-confidence and a level head. 


Chrysocolla balances all your chakras, promoting physical and mental strength. This healing gem opens you up to love thanks to improved communication. It even promotes truth-telling and impartiality, reducing mental tension and allowing you to feel more confident and level-headed. When it comes to physical benefits, Chrysocolla can treat arthritis, bone disease, blood disorders, lung problems and more. You’ll feel your muscles strengthen while wearing Chrysocolla and it even treats PMS and menstrual cramps. 

Blue Tigers Eye

This stunning gem helps reduce stress and ease anxiety. An added sense of clarity allows wearers to speak with clarity and integrity. People who are often nervous or stressed may develop a “go with the flow” attitude, eliminating fears and frustrations. If you're giving a presentation, wearing Blue Tiger Eye can give you a strong connection to your audience. If you’re flying, wearing Blue Tiger Eye can ease your fears or stress. 

Alt Text: Blue Tigers Eye healing stones


Charoite has become a source of comfort and symbol of endurance for its wearers. People experiencing life-changing events, like a job loss, gain courage to start over and push for a better future. If you’re lonely, charoite is also known to provide emotional healing and make people feel less alienated. This healing stone also awakens wearers’ analytical abilities and keen observation, making decision-making easier and making wearers feel more determined to cover obstacles. 

Moss Grass Agate

Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. Wearers feel their souls being refreshed, allowing them to appreciate their own qualities and life. But it also brings the possibility of improving your life with wealth and higher self-esteem. Moss Grass Agate wearers have better communication and find themselves getting along well with others. It encourages trust and hope and can even eliminate depression. 


This stunning stone cleanses and stabilizes the wearer’s asura while alleviating feelings of negativity and stress. Because you will feel a better sense of concentration, self-confidence and decision-making, Flourite is known as a learning aid. Physically, Flourite improves balance and coordination. Wearers may also have a boost to their immune system, helping them heal from wounds or even spinal injuries. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz with its beautiful pink hues is known to cure heartache. If you feel agitated due to whatever reasons related to your love life, then having a rose quartz stone can make you feel calm. It’s good to wear this as a pendant, so that the stone can stay close to your heart. This helps in promoting self-love, healing wounds, and also allows your heart to recover from the past and open up to new relationships. Not only does it help you in loving others, but it also helps you develop love, trust, and respect within yourself. Stay open to love and friendship with Chase the Sun’s Gods and Monsters: Turan Bracelet


The agate healing stone can be found in a wide variety of colors. It provides you with clarity of thought and improves your mental function, stabilizes your aura, increases self-awareness, gets rid of negative energy, provides emotional stability, and boosts self-worth. You can have it with you just before taking an important exam, or right before going to talk to someone you love, so that you can communicate better.


This purple healing gemstone is known to bring about courage, peace, and strength. Amethyst is mainly a soothing stone that boosts healing, and possess a quiet yet potent energy that makes you more creative. Owing to its tranquil properties, amethyst also serves as a thoughtful gift for someone who is going through mood swings, anxiety, or is trying to recover from addiction. You can wear it anywhere to initiate physical and spiritual healing. Chase the Sun’s Gods and Monsters: Hyacinth Bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry for someone looking for courage and strength.  


Moonstones work especially for women. This white, clear, or rainbow-colored healing stone is famous for bringing about new beginnings, and encouraging inner growth and strength. Strongly linked to the moon and feminine strength and beauty, moonstone helps you in gaining peace and harmony from within, and makes your intuition stronger. 

It was also used by the ancient Indian Gods and Goddesses, which is how it gets its status as regal and sacred. Moonstone helps in getting rid of materialism, managing your ego, and also aids in curing problems such as menstrual issues, obesity, hormonal changes, water retention, and so on.

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Citrine is also known as ‘the money stone,’ because the yellow color of the stone is connected to its association with gold and wealth. This is why it’s advised to carry this stone along whenever you go to financial institutions such as banks, and also business meetings that are related to finance. By keeping it with you or placing it in front of you, it allows you to attract financial stability and wealth.

Citrine also helps in getting rid of negative traits and welcomes positive factors such as warmth, optimism, clarity, and motivation. It also stimulates metabolism, and helps in fighting indigestion and nausea. Hearing difficulties and sleep problems can be cured with this healing stone as well.

Alt Text: Citrine yellow healing stones


Selenite, known as the ‘master healing stone’, doesn’t even need to be charged, and can actually be employed to recharge and clean other healing crystals as well. Popular as the most abundant healing crystal, it’s found in several places such as Brazil and Mexico, and also in ancient evaporated salt lakes and sea bodies. Selenite helps in both physical and mental healing, and gives peace to whoever wears it and carries it around. It transports the spiritual world to you, and shows you where you go beyond this life. 


The beautiful color of aquamarine attracts individuals to it regardless, and the benefits of it are an added bonus, of course. Your problems related to your teeth, eyes, and digestive system will vanish away with this healing stone. It’s heard that sailors used aquamarine in the past to bring them luck while they were at sea, and some use them even today for the purpose of safety and protection. 

Aquamarine is said to bring happiness to the one who wears it, and helps in accelerating the healing process, allowing you to grieve and eventually let go of whatever is holding you down. It is also known to do away with the fear of water, promoting meditative energy, and bring back a lost lover.


One of the oldest stones to exist, turquoise was rumored to be used by kings, chiefs, wizards, and so on. Reputed as the stone of wisdom, turquoise has cropped up in almost every ancient culture, and earned its value as the healing stone that protects the wearer. Your body contains meridians, and turquoise is known to strengthen them and support your intuition and meditation.

The blue color of the healing stone connects it to the Throat Chakra, thereby helping you communicate clearly. By carrying turquoise with you, you will be carrying along a symbol of protection and wisdom. It also helps in healing problems related to the ears, brain, throat, and neck. 


There’s a healing stone for every situation. Check out Chase the Sun’s Gods and Monsters collection to experience some of these healing properties for yourself. Feel more energized or experience calmness. Tackle a big work project or even overcome a trauma from your past. No matter what, healing stones have benefits that nobody can deny.