The Benefits of Lava Stone Beads

The Benefits of Lava Stone Beads

Lava stone looks stunning for any occasion and possesses fantastic healing properties. Now Case The Sun even has a wide selection of Lava stone jewelry collection that can take anyone's breath away.

It’s easy to be transfixed on this stone’s unique and beautiful appearance, but people who wear this stone will experience other benefits as well, from spiritual to physical. With that in mind, here are some insights on what lava stone beads can do.

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What Are Lava Stones?

Lava stones are the oldest stones in the world, and many cultures have used them in their rituals for centuries.

They originate from volcanic eruptions, much similar to obsidian stones. When the lava shoots out of the volcano and runs down its side, the hot liquid rock dries up and forms a lava stone. Because of this process, these stones often represent the idea of "rebirth." Experts believe that the healing properties came from the strength of the volcano. 

The Lava Stone was created during the Roman time where the engineers used it to build the massive dome of the Pantheon and as a construction material for a variety of architectures.

The 18th century marks the first time that these stones were used as jewelry. After the cities of Pompeii were discovered in Italy, people wanted these stones as souvenirs. These common stones were made into rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for tourists.


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Lava stones and chakra

The chakra is a concept from Indian culture that focuses on the body’s spiritual power. There are seven different chakras, all responsible for distributing the energy of the body, which is referred to as Qi or Praana.

Lava stone users believe the stones stabilize the chakra because of its secure connection with the earth. When the chakra is stabilized, the mind and body will feel positive and safe.

Lava stones and emotion

Lava stones have a powerful calming ability to relax the body. Because the stones originate deep within the earth, it is believed that they carry energy similar to the place that they belong.

This energy reduces negative emotions and replaces them with positive thoughts and feelings. Lava stones can also increase the overall energy so that the wearer will feel focused and confident.

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Using lava stones with essential oils

ALT Text: Lavender plant on top of an essential oil

Lava stones are porous, which means that they have lots of tiny holes inside, which helps diffuse the essential oil.

There are over 90 essential oils with different properties and benefits. As more and more Americans become stressed and anxious, many people turn to alternative therapies — like essential oils — to combat the symptoms without experiencing the side effects of prescription medications. 

Lava stone wearers often choose lavender essential oils to decrease stress symptoms from day to day challenges.

If the user wants something uplifting to help them concentrate, then lemon essential oil can energize and promote healing. Lavender, on the other hand, is more relaxing and used for its ability to relieve stress and to help the user fall asleep. Some people prefer to immerse their lava stone jewelry with lavender oil and place it under their pillow for a good night's sleep.

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Lava stone jewelry


This silver bead bracelet is handmade with volcanic lava stones that are created from the strength of the volcano. The lava fluid forms the black porous balls that harness the incredible healing properties. It brings a sense of relaxation, calmness, and emotional tranquility.

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An interesting fact about this jewelry is in the name itself. It's called the Loki’s Blade Bracelet because the word "Lokios" is associated with flame, and the flame is how these stones were created.

This volcanic bracelet is made in San Francisco and is accented with matte carved silver beads and jasper. Similarly to the bursting strength of the volcano, the little black porous balls contain powerful healing benefits that can bestow peace and tranquility to the wearer. 

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This elegant silver bead contains white turquoise and white lava surfer necklace that fits comfortably around the neck. 

Its exquisite style makes it unique for a surfer necklace, but it still maintains the beach vibe with rocks and smooth pebbles on a white sandy beach.

The White Turquoise is the rare component of the necklace with remarkable healing properties that provides health and wellness to the body. It's a protective stone that acts as an amulet and enhances one's connection to mother nature. It gives the wearer strength, confidence, and courage to help them adapt to any changes in life.

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How to wear lava stones (how to style them)

Lava stones are more effective if worn directly close to the skin, practically touching it without any barriers. This is imperative to allow the energy of the rock to flow directly to the body.

The most popular way to wear lava stones is through the bracelets around the wrists or as a necklace around the neck. It's recommended to keep the jewelry close during both night and day. Some people will store their lava stones in a room close to them to help stabilize their energy and clear out negative emotions. 

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Lava stones can help alleviate stress and anxiety as well as keeping the wearer grounded to mother earth. 

It can be challenging to find authentic and quality Lava stone jewelry, but luckily Now Chase The Sun has a wide array of selections to help cleanse the chakra and clear out negative emotions to allow positive energy to flow to the wearer.

 These health benefits can be amplified by using essential oils to provide further relief. If you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, pick up a few lava stone jewelry from Now Chase The Sun, and experience its positive impact.

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