The Goddess Collection: The Athena Bracelet (Small)

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This bracelet was lovingly crafted for you in San Francisco. We have limited stock and are nearly sold out. To find out more about the story of the Goddess Collection bracelets, please read our blog.

15 % of proceeds from sales is donated to Bay Area Charities.

The Goddess Collection was inspired by Anne Sandrasagra who was a teacher, entrepreneur, actress and model - and a total babe and Goddess herself.

About your Bracelet:

Chrysocolla is favored as a stone of prosperity and business astuteness, helping your analytical and intuitive abilities.

Blue-Tigers-Eye is known to ease eye problems and is known to fortify the blood and increase physical strength and vitality.

This bracelet, named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom Athena, is designed to help you give you the strength to prosper in your business endeavors.