Naruki Masaai

Joseph is the first born of two siblings and the founder of Naruki Crafts which is a small business enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya. He is passionate about beadwork as he learnt the craft from his mother and later in a tertiary school as a profession.

He has a small workshop in Nairobi where he does beadwork with the help of his sister and his two employees, Lydia and Kyle. Lydia does beadwork while Kyle does the cutting of the leather for the dog collars and belts. Joseph has also partnered with the Self Help Women’s group, a group of 6 Maasai women located in the rural areas of the Great Rift Valley, who do the beadwork for the dog collars. 
They earn income for their families while keeping their precious beading tradition alive for future generations. 
All employees are paid fair wages. The income they earn is used to support their families. All the materials are locally produced 

Joseph says he appreciates the international market provided by customers of Now Chase the Sun, because it forms a core part of income and livelihood for himself and his team.