Zola Bidri Vine Necklace

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These unique necklaces are handmade. This one depicts a delicate vine. The craft Bidri gets its name from the town of Bidar, known for the Bidar Fort. Zinc is inlayed with silver and copper to create the unique motifs that traditionally originate from Persia. Each necklace takes two weeks to make, and the art form is an 8 step process and includes the oxidization of the metal using the soil from the Bidar fort, which is unique in character. The craft was dying out and is now undergoing a revival. Each piece purchased contributes to sustaining the artform and artisans way of life. Ours are artisanal products, each one is unique and small imperfections are part of the charm!

User tested: This can be worn on it’s own, short, or longer, or layered with other pieces. It’s light and elegant and subtle enough to work day or night.