Salvage Cleopatra Necklace

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This beautiful Egyptian inspired piece features handmade beads, fashioned out of recycled paper*, tea cartons to be exact. The necklaces have around a 3 inch width in the front - and are made by women living in Vavuniya, in the North of Sri Lanka, a recovering war zone. Lightweight and made of upcycled materials, this is the perfect necklace because it looks equally good with a T-shirt, bare chest, gown or Sari. Look good and feel fabulous knowing you're also giving back to those in need. Funds from the sale of these necklaces go to support an HIV drop in Center, and Center for Battered Women in Sri Lanka. Ours are artisanal products, each one is unique and small imperfections are part of the charm!

*We try to user test all our jewelry! Please note: These necklaces have been Burning Man tested, for 5 straight days, every day, all day, in heat, dust storms and behind a bar! They are pretty sturdy, but the beads ARE paper - so they are delicate, expect some fraying if you subject them to extreme conditions.