The Sunburst Necklace - Discontinued

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This gorgeous statement necklace is handcrafted by women in the war zones in Sri Lanka, who have traditionally had no opportunity for employment. 25 years of civil war disrupted the economy and trade, which gave people no educational or earning opportunities. Being able to craft the quilled hand made beads at home, allows women in these areas to earn wages and also care for their children, at home.

Salvage Sri Lanka collects materials that would otherwise be discarded and translates them into cool and edgy jewelry. They educate and train people in low income and marginalized communities to reclaim their independence as entrepreneurs and artisans.

The fabric is donated by the Lululemon factory in Sri Lanka, and the beads are made of tea cartons and magazines that are also donated by local businesses.

Funds generated from sales support a drop in HIV center and a Center for battered women, in Sri Lanka.